Who are we?

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. With over a 100 university chapters in the U.S. Our Mission here at CSUEB is to develop sustainable health initiatives and to provide relief where there is limited access to healthcare.

Where are we going and when?

We will be going to Panama in the month of June 2012.


  • 57% of communities have no access to medical care within their community.
  • Common morbidity: acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, parasite infections, common cold, hypertension, and diabetes
  • Villagers lack the most basic knowledge of  health, hygiene, and nutritional needs. (hand washing and brushing teeth)
What are the benefits?
  •  Ability to help developing communities around the world: Global Medical Brigades is an amazing offer in leadership opportunity for you to mobilize your peers and travel abroad,
  • Hands on experience: Our 1 week brigade allows students the opportunity to shadow doctors, work in the pharmacies, work in triage — all aspects of a mobile medical clinic — and get hands-on fieldwork in the field of international medicine.
  •   Experience foreign countries and cultures first hand: The experience is both very uplifting professional and personal experience— large amount of personal growth. Experience can be utilized on essays into med schools, and as a résumé item for your professional development.
  • Social interaction with likeminded students: We are an empowering student led movement. We offer a holistic model to sustainable healthcare in the communities we serve.
  • Connections with medical professionals.


The cost is $1550 without any fundraising. Before the trip we will do a lot of fundraising to lower the cost. The deadline for the non-refundable fee be due by Jan 11th

What do our charges include?

Our costs include all your food, accommodation, and support from our expert staff abroad. They do not include your international airfare or any extra spending money for traveling when you’re abroad. However, we do get a discounted group price for the airfare.

Do we need to raise medicine and supplies?

We are planning to get the medical supplies and medicine via donations. The majority of fundraising that we do will be for personal cost of the trip.

Do we need to recruit doctors/health physicians?

Yes, we will be recruiting our own doctors and dentists to on the trip.

How are we preparing for the trip?

Months prior to the trip, we will conduct Spanish conversation groups and basic triaging workshops (taking blood pressure, taking vitals etc.)

Is it safe?

Safety is our primary concern and we have expert staff abroad that will take care of our needs.

How many people are selected to go on each trip?

Maximum of 60 people can attend at each trip.

Is there free time on the trip?

On the last day of the trip, we will have the opportunity to explore the cultures of Panama.


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